Network Status


Currently within our area we are suffering from quite heavy snow showers and the snow is wet which is never good for power lines.

SSE powertrack is showing that there are no power cuts within our area but that could easily change throughout the day. 

This is just a reminder to all customers that if there are power cuts that these could possibly cause a loss of service in certain locations. Please remember that even if you have power there may be a part of the network that supplies your service that is without power and this may affect your own service. 

If your broadband service goes off at any time please  can we ask that you do not power off your equipment if you continue to have power. Please do not attempt to `reset` any item of equipment as this may result in a loss of service and a cost implication to complete a reconfiguration. Once the power is restored your broadband service will return as normal.

If you continue to have a loss of service please contact